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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Templar Steel

This modern replica of a 12th century medieval monster is the biggest baddest blade in my humble collection. Produced by Darksword Armory, one of the best, if not the best, sword forges in the modern market, and sold by Kult of Athena, my personal favorite, this weapon is heavy and devastating. Weighing in at a very impressive 4lbs 7.5 ounces, it would have taken a giant to swing this sword around on the battlefield.

The tang of the blade extends deep into the handle in a marvelously functional full tang array and is peened into the pommel of the sword for extra stability. What I enjoy about the model that I own, as I purchased it long ago, is that the pommel itself is one complete piece of steel. I don't not think I would be able to take this sword apart even if I wanted to and I love that.

The present models of this sword have newer, more durable handle wrap materials, and the nut can be removed out of the pommel with a slight application of elbow grease and a freed up Sunday afternoon. Now, that is not to say that this amazing weapon is any less strong because of the new construction, universe apart from it. It just means that Darksword wanted to make the repair and disassembly easier for their customers' sake. God bless those boys.

Practically speaking this blade is unstoppable. I can't imagine what it would do to light armor, horse, or shield with a strong hand and room to swing. I have split heavy logs as easily as the sharpest axe, embedding it into deep into the stump, and there have been no dings or scratches of any kind, no aesthetic marring of any kind, on the blade. It is tempered carbon steel, incredibly strong, and well balanced (at 5 inches from the guard) provided you have a nice adrenaline rush (as all sword enthusiasts should have) when you hold it.

What makes this incredible piece of steel special is that it evokes the ancient days of the Templar Knights crusading in the Holy Land. They protected pilgrims on their sacred road and upheld the code of their faith using sword almost exactly like this. Along the blade, within the fuller, there is the Latin phrase "Militaris Templi" along with the cross of the Templar Knights and, of course, the stamp of Dark Sword Armory.

Overall, with the edge placed on this sword thanks to the good people at
New England Sharpening Co. Inc., the closest and most accommodating sword sharpeners near Boston, MA, this weapon is my pride and joy. I would trust it in battle and it's going to look very scary and impressive on daddy's wall of steel when being showed to my daughter's first boyfriend.

To read more about the Templar Knights and the Crusades, consult "Dungeon, Fire, and Sword" by John. J Robinson.


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