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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Starfire's Viking Sword

Recently, I visited my local Renaissance faire, as I did when I was child, and had an amazing experience. My brother and I were walking along, enjoying meat and mead and all kinds of Medieval festivities, when suddenly, I came upon the Starfire Smithy.

Now normally, these swords - as beautiful as they are (and they are spectacular) - just aren't what I am searching for in a weapon. However, it is said, when love wants to, it will find you. The hand-forged, oil-hardened object of my undying affection was the relatively new addition to their line: the 31" Viking Sword:

I walked over. I picked her up. I held her close. And, she asked for my hand. Our souls, and the souls of my unborn sons, had spoken. We were to be one.

Sadly (happily, love ya hun!), as I write this, I am promised to another. Two others, in fact. With the birth of my first child in April, I am saving every penny I have to make sure he/she has a wonderful education and that they want for nothing.

I know the price tag, around $500, will keep us apart, and that my allocating funds such as these will not be possible.

(It never is, right men?)


Much like the famous Battle of Maldon, I still want to cast one more die to fate and see if my fellow swordsmen - and anyone that has had a dream deferred - will support me in my efforts!

I have decided to bow before the great charity of others - and the gods of Asgaard - to obtain this amazing steel and build:


Through GoFundMe.com, I know that making my dream of Viking steel ownership is within my grasp, and within the grasp of my great and future family. I know that I will - one day - pass this imperishable steel treasure to my son or daughter and tell them the great tale of its origin.

This is my dream.

I am counting on YOU to forge it into reality.

May the All Father watch over you and give blessings to your generosity and your days!