Kult of Athena


Saturday, September 28, 2013


We all love to handle swords. That’s a given. The look, the feel, the shape, even the smell of the steel gets the juice running to the very best places and gives us a unique rush.

But, what gets them from lumps of steel to exquisite works of art that give us unparalleled protection and endless enjoyment? And, don’t take the easy way out and say Kult of Athena! That’s too simple.

I think the better answer reaches back to a time when a certain group of people were invaluable to everyday society. A place and time when striding destriers thundered across the field and required iron shoes, a time when fields needed to be plowed with shares, and of course, a time when swords, glorious swords, and armor needed to be forged from molten steel.

The answer, of course, is the blacksmith.

For thousands of years, these men and women have harnessed the power of the sun to melt and shape the hardest substances on earth into stunning pieces of art for our giddy enjoyment and ever-growing collections. In this modern day, we still pay forges and swordsmiths thousands, literally, thousands of dollars to bend and hammer, mold and meld, solder and grind intricate pieces of metal – of every color, alloy, and hardness - to fit our weapon tastes and styles.

And, in my experience, there is one that truly stands out about the rest. That man is Tony Swatton from Sword and Stone in Burbank, CA.

Swatton has created a YouTube series called “Man At Arms,” which masterfully creates famous swords and weapons from Hollywood and fantasy. Among his more amazing works (which have earned him 11.5 million views on YouTube) are:
Swatton and his team complete these masterpieces using old school hammers - from way before any of us were born (we’re talking 18th century stuff) - and today’s most modern technology. They have also created swords on a professional, and not just retail, level for some of the best main stream movies in Hollywood (think Zorro and others).

Simply put, the man is a big, burly genius and his SwordSpeak is mesmerizing. His videos (over 6 minutes of dream forging and a tremendously satisfying “in-action” payout at the end) are incredible. Like creating life after acing a chemistry test, the journey is beyond meticulous and painstakingly slow but delivers an unrivaled sense of  satisfaction. I have watched every episode from Season 1 and cannot wait to see what Season 2 has in store.

Check out the full videos below and experience what I am saying for yourself. I’m more than confident you’ll be leaving little droplets of steel-inspired drool spittle all over your keys:


  1. Sword of Omens (Thundercats) - MAN AT ARMS

  2. Sword of Omens (Thundercats) - MAN AT ARMS

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