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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Darksword Armory Guardian Sword

Good evening loyal fans and readers! After a long hiadus, as I was planning, executing, and celebrating a wedding seven years in the making, I am back and typing away for your love, my practice and all of our amusement. I am very happy to say that I am now a husband, truly, I believe, a man and have taken on the sacred and time-honored mantle of THE GUARDIAN.

Michelle, my incredible wife, has entrusted me with the guardianship of her heart, her love and her well being for the rest of her life, not to mention our small, yet paramount family. It is an incredible feeling, really; being chosen, out of 7 billion other people on the planet to serve as protector, defender and compatriot. It has all I have ever strived for, really, and I am truly honored.

In as matches my new appointment as GUARDIAN, my best friends, and best man, decided to reach back to hallowed antiquity and present me with a truly extraordinary gift to match my station.It the treasure that I have drooled over for months. I have written about it. I have viewed it countless times online, seen movies, dreamed about it, pretended my wooden waster was made of shining steel, and at long last, I own it. At long last, THE GUARDIAN from Darksword Armory is in my grasp...forever.

More beautiful than I could ever dream of, the GUARDIAN sword comes in refined, yet raw and powerful brown leather, much like the gritty wrap you would find on the battlefield. It's rock solid construction is surpassed only by its incredible aesthetics and original design. The entire sword handles like a dream, but the blade is simply the perfect length and balance.

Couple that with the amazingly sturdy, supple, integrated leather scabbard and this steel masterpiece works as well on a hike through the mountains as it does as a display piece on your wall.

But what has vindicated all my waiting and saving, my not spending money on the purchase of this glorious glaive, was what made this weapon a truly epic gift worthy of an imperishable song:

The devil, as it were, is in the details. Along with my glorious new bride, this sword truly is a conduit of my true self and a jewel in the crown of my life.

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