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Sunday, January 9, 2011

"F*ck Yeah!"

That was me last Thursday night.

I had just blocked a wooden great sword, a baseball bat on steroids, being swung at my head as fast as it could go. It struck the cross piece of my wooden practice sword and its momentum died quicker than Carrot Top at the Apollo.

We separated from combat and the very first thing out of my mouth was: F*UCK YEAH! I couldn't help it. It felt amazing. What a rush! I think I was born for this kind of combat.

I have joined the Schola St. George, the sword school from my previous post. Last week was my third week at the SSG Boston and so far it is amazing. Please rest assured, it is not LARP'ing.

Many of you have expressed some concern that I am running around dressed as an elf, or some such thing, throwing fake lightning at people. I am not. Good for them if that's what they're into, but not me.

I feel like there has been some disconnect between myself, my blog, and the people (though few) who read it on the regular. I want it to be more personal. I want people to come on the journey with me while I try to learn a sword art from the 14th century. That is why I have enrolled. I can research and write all I want, but without actually DOING it, I could never call myself "an authority."

So, I am putting my body on the line, cash into someone else's wallet, and my thoughts to the ether of the web, so you all can know and appreciate the effort, time, and dedication it takes to really apply yourself to something, learn a skill, and become a more evolved (and hopefully better) individual.

And because you were so good and read all the way to the end, I present:


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