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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kalman Csoka

Girlfriend is gone to Newport, RI for the evening. I have the whole place, more importantly the TV, to myself. I didnt even mean to watch it. I saw it on the guide, it looked like it would be alright before sleep, and I am THRILLED I did.

From Alpharetta, GA in the US, his name is Kalman Csoka.

He is two-time champion in his specialty, the adult classic weapons routine. Tonight, he grabbed his third title and, man, he earned it.

But, enough talk about how insanely amazing my new 25-year old idol is with twin swords; doing ridiculous tricks. Let's take a look:

You know what, that's only one sword. No big deal, right? We want the big tricks. We want savage cats like Miyamoto Musashi who handles the twin tigers; slashing lesser martial fodder to tiny chunks of little samurai.

Seek and ye shall find brothers and sisters. Take a look at the champ in action:

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