Kult of Athena


Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Spice of Life

At long last! Back to the posts. Much has transpired since my last entry and I apologize to you all. My muse was on vacation. But now she is back with a swift boot to the nuts and demands my diligance. Enjoy!

Sometimes we all get a little tired (and perhaps frustrated) at the limited selection of our favorite things on the Internet. We search everyday, endlessly waiting for the newest assortment of products, be they gadests, fashion, video games, ect. More often than not, the companies we love only put out new things every 2 weeks. Sometimes, it can be as long as a month, or even several. I myself check

every morning when I get into work. More often than not, I'm afraid, my efforts are wasted (with the exception of faithful CNN) as there is nothing new to report and all is quiet in my little microcosm.

Well I'm taking a stand on this one. After scouring the net for new products, vendors, and of course the best prices (don't drop thousands on 1 sword) for my steel swinging sojourners of 2010, I have compiled some websites that I think you will find quite sympathetic to your crusade against the mundane.

Without further adieu, I serve to you, the fruits of my labors:

May your searches be fruitful and your swords never dull!


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